• Eramet Marietta manufactures a variety of manganese-based products including:
    • Silicomanganese
    • Ferromanganese (High Carbon, Medium Carbon, Low Carbon)
    • Manganese by-products
  • Manganese, aside from being an essential nutrient, is used in a variety of consumer applications. Automobiles, bridge decking and guard rails, pipes used in oil and gas pipelines, steel furniture, general construction products (I-beams, rebars etc.), shipbuilding materials, suspension bridge cables, rivets and fasteners, fencing and rails all contain manganese, which is essential in increasing the strength of steel. Typically there are six kilograms of manganese per every metric ton of steel.
  • There are many steps necessary to take manganese from the ground to the guardrail.  Learn about the manufacturing process for manganese with our helpful manganese infographic.
  • Or, read our 3-part Ground to Guardrail series, covering:
  • Mining and Mixing Manganese
  • Refining, Cooling and Stacking Manganese
  • Crushing, Packing & Shipping Manganese 
  • For more information on Eramet Marietta, please contact us.